Why you will benefit from designer heel repair

Designer shoes are a beautiful addition to any wardrobe, and one that you’ll want to wear again and again. This article explores the benefits of investing in designer heel repair for you and the world around you.

You don’t want to part with your favourite pair of heels

The day you invested in that pair of Versace or Jimmy Choo heels you hoped you’d get your wear out of them, but did you ever expect you’d have worn them as much as you have? You’ve worn them to death, and it probably shows. With all the great memories you’ve had in those shoes, and how much they suit you, it’s understandable if you can’t bear the thought of throwing them away! A high-quality heel repair service allows you to keep your heels looking and feeling as good as new, helping you to carry on getting the most out of one of your favourite investments. When you choose an expert service that specialises in designer heels, your shoes will look just like they did in their prime!

Promote sustainability and ethical consumption

Over the past twenty years, the total worldwide footwear consumption has doubled, with over 20 billion pairs of shoes being manufactured every year. Less than five per cent of these shoes produced every year are recycled, and leather shoes take between 25 to 40 years to decompose. You can promote a more sustainable relationship to your shoes by repairing items instead of buying new ones. An expert repair will allow you to keep enjoying your old shoes as if they were brand new.


Repairing your designer shoes couldn’t be easier with ShoeSpa. Drop into their London store in Kings Cross or make an inquiry online if you live outside of London. Their experts will assess what needs to be done and will perform luxury shoe repair, restoration and professional shoe cleaning services so that your shoes can look as good as new.