Why you need a professional trainer cleaning service

If you own Gucci trainers or Balenciaga trainers, keeping them in immaculate condition is clearly a priority. Whereas cheaper trainers can often withstand the washing machine if they need freshening up, to get the best results for high-end footwear, a professional trainer cleaning service is essential. If you’ve got a grubby pair of branded trainers, take a look at some of the advantages which expert cleaning can provide:


1. Professional sneaker cleaning ensures your trainers emerge like new, with no fading, staining, fraying or other damage. An experienced cleaner will have the right tools and chemicals to ensure that all the dirt is removed, without damaging the trainer in any way.


2. Better results with a professional clean: with vast amounts of experience and a customised approach to each job, if you want trainers that are absolutely spotless, a professional clean is a must.


3. Restoration as well as cleaning: when you use an expert, your trainers won’t just get cleaned, they’ll also receive plenty of TLC. If the trainer has a rip, a stubborn mark, a weakened patch or some unravelled stitching, this can be addressed at the same time as cleaning. Prompt repair doesn’t just make your trainers look better, it also helps them to last longer.


4. A professional trainer cleaning service is a good option if you’re planning to sell your trainers and want them restored to their former glory before putting them on the market.


With so many benefits to using a skilled team to get your trainers sparkling, it’s little wonder that many people use us to take care of their branded trainers. For more advice or information about our Gucci and Balenciaga trainer care, please get in touch.