Tips for keeping your luxury trainers cleaner for longer

There is no better feeling than buying a brand spanking new pair of luxury trainers. Whether you favour Gucci or Balenciaga, having invested in your new trainers, your next priority is to keep them looking as good as the day you bought them.


At ShoeSpa, we like to start at the point where everyone else has given up. We love bringing damaged designer and luxury shoes back to life through our designer shoe repair service. Here are our tips for keeping your designer trainers cleaner for longer.

Resole after purchase

Designer trainers aren’t always made for durability, so if you’re planning on wearing them in your day-to-day activities, it’s best to get them resoled before you wear them. Seek out a good cobbler and your shoes will last much longer.

Shoe boxes

When your shoes aren’t on display, keep them safely stored in separate shoe boxes with foam inserts to retain their shape.

Use your dust bags

If you display your shoes in your home, the dust bags they came in can be very useful when you are transporting your trainers. Whether you’re travelling or moving home, make sure to keep them wrapped up.

DIY isn’t always best

Attempting to clean luxury shoes yourself can have disastrous consequences as using the wrong product can damage or stain your trainers. Always make sure to have your trainers cleaned and maintained by professionals; the best trainers deserve the best protection.


With the right care and maintenance in place, your shoes will bring you joy for many more years to come.


If you have a pair of shoes which need bringing back to life, why not take advantage of ShoeSpa’s trainer cleaning service? Don’t worry if you live out of the London area, we have a courier service who will take care of it all. Get in touch on 07460 676 307 or email us at