Tips for designer trainer maintenance

Sometimes, it’s the smallest luxuries that make people the happiest. One such luxury for many people is to invest in a pair of designer trainers. If you’re the proud owner of some designer trainers, it’s only natural to want to preserve their initial integrity and pristine appearance for as long as you can. Luckily, here at ShoeSpa we’ve gathered a selection of the finest tips and tricks that you can integrate into your daily routine to ensure your kicks look their best for as long as they can.


Good storage is essential

When you first purchase your pair of designer trainers, remember to keep the box they come in. When they aren’t being worn, you should take care to store your trainers somewhere safe, such as that initial shoe box. Doing so protects them from natural damage done by sunlight, and also against any visitors or pets that might be exploring your home.


Clean laces can make a difference

One of the aspects that people often neglect regarding their designer trainers is the laces. However, clean laces can make a world of difference, and so you should make the effort to keep them clean. The recommended way to do this is simply by washing them in a bowl of warm water, swirl, rinse, repeat – until the dirt is gone. This is a gentle and thorough way to ensure your laces are clean without damaging them.


Consider spray shoe protectors

Many designer trainers are made of suede or leather. While these are incredibly fashionable materials to wear and use, they can be a nightmare to maintain – especially somewhere like the UK, where it rains 80% of the time and then boasts blistering sunshine the other 20%. By investing in a lightweight protective spray, you ensure that the damage done to your shoes by the elements is minimised, giving them a longer lifespan.

If your trainers have succumbed to damage and need restoring, look no further than ShoeSpa, which offers designer shoe restoration. We work with a plethora of designer trainer and shoe brands, from Balenciaga and Gucci to Valentino and Nike. No matter what the issue is, our dedicated team of experts will work to restore your beloved trainers back to their original premium state.