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We understand that buying a pair of designer heels is both a luxury and an investment, which is why we offer the very best designer heel care service you will find. Even if you only wear them on special occasions, accidents can happen and heels can become worn down or break off altogether. No matter how careful and loving you are with your heels, they can become damaged with frequent wear and then you need designer shoe restoration to get them back to looking their best. 

We specialise in designer heel repair, whether you need your Versace heels restored or your Jimmy Choo heels mended quickly ahead of an event. Our expert team really appreciate that the value you place on your designer heels is emotional more than financial. We undertake all sorts of restoration work to give your heels a new lease of life, working with speed but never losing the attention to detail we pride ourselves on.

Whether the repair is small and simple or large and complex, we love a challenge and working on designer shoes is always a delight. Designer heel care is a labour of love, and we look after your shoes with as much care as we would our own. When it comes to heel restoration, we don’t believe there’s such a thing as an ‘impossible’ repair, however damaged your shoes might have been.

If you need Versace heel restoration or Jimmy Choo heel restoration, we’re always on hand to help, although we can work on shoes from all the major fashion houses, so our service extends beyond just Jimmy Choo heel repair. You can easily bring your designer shoes along to our London store or let the courier service do the work, by sending them to us from wherever you are in the country. For first-class designer heel care, no one can match our expertise.

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