Professional and luxury trainer cleaning

You might have heard that designer heels and handbags can be repaired and cleaned, but did you also know that your luxury trainers can be restored back to life? If you’re looking for expert sneaker restoration services, then ShoeSpa is the company for you; we have the expertise and passion needed to clean your luxury trainers to perfection.

Sparkling clean

You might think that your luxury trainers are destined for the bin but they could just be in need of a professional clean. Trying to clean your designer trainers yourself can be daunting and could even lead to more damage; professionals know how to navigate designer sneakers and how to carefully clean the unique material. We can perform a thorough internal and external clean; we can even treat the trainers to prevent dirt accumulating in the future.

Focus on the details

Professional shoe cleaners have an eye for small details and will take every measure to ensure that they are sparkling clean. Bespoke designs with embroidery and sequins can be difficult to clean around but a professional can use advanced cleaning technology to get into the crooks and crevices. We will also clean your shoelaces separately and even spritz your shoes with a fresh fragrance that will linger.


Our services extend beyond just cleaning; our expert team can mend any damaged designer trainers whether it be on the surface or the sole. We can even restore trainers back to their former colour and vibrancy, even if they have a bespoke design.

Luxury shoe cleaning should be a straightforward and simple process; you can rely on the workers at ShoeSpa London to take care of your luxury trainers and nurse them back to perfection. Simply send your sneaks to us and we’ll have a courier deliver them back to you as soon as possible.