How to Repair and Care for Designer Shoes

     Shoes hold a lot of sentimental value for both men and women. A pair of Jimmy Choo heels can change your level of confidence from zero to a hundred. Most luxury shoes are made using high-quality material such as patent leather and they, therefore, require special care and attention. That being said, all shoes eventually wear and tear. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to repair and care for designer shoes.


     Regular cleaning


     It is important to clean your shoes regularly. Other than hygiene purposes, cleaning your shoes prevents the leather from drying out by replacing lost moisture. This helps maintain elasticity and shine. When dealing with delicate material such as patent leather, you have to be very careful not to damage it when cleaning. Get the right cleaning tools and products and also have your shoes professionally cleaned now and then.


     Put rubber soles


     Prevention is better than cure. So, instead of waiting until your leather soles get worn down, have a cobbler put rubber soles on your shoes. Doing this will protect your delicate leather soles, ensuring that you get more wear out of your shoes.


     Add a protective coating


     A new pair of white trainers look so good but they are easily stained and discoloured. A transparent protective coating prevents dirt and stains, therefore making it easier to clean them. There are a lot of protective sprays in the market but I recommend having a professional do it for you. It might cost a little bit more but you are guaranteed better results.

     ShoeSpa London offers a wide range of repair and restoration services for all things designer shoes. Their expertise and state of the art technology will have your damaged designer shoes looking brand new in no time.
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