How to care for your Jimmy Choo heels

Jimmy Choo Heels are worth protecting, and we imagine you want to keep your investment in good shape for as long as possible, so here is some advice on how to do this:


Add protective tips and heels

Before you even think about wearing your Jimmy Choo heels out of the house, get rubber tips and heels added. This extends the life of your shoes and will also do wonders for your feet.


Protect them from the weather

The great British weather is very hit and miss, so it’s important to protect your heels from the not uncommon rain, snow or mud. This can be done by regularly applying a protective spray, ideally every six to eight weeks. Keep an eye on the weather forecast too before wearing out – don’t put your shoes in unnecessary danger.


Keep their shape

A shoe tree is ideal for maintaining a shoe’s shape whilst they are being stored after use. For strappy shoes, a good tip is to stuff the toecap with tissue.


Give suede particular TLC

Stained suede can be a disaster, so these heels need to be waterproofed regularly and cleaned at the first sign of dirt. Get a soft bristle brush and use before you wear them each time. This way, they should always look brand new! If you do happen to get them wet, use newspaper to absorb the moisture.


Love your leather

Before wearing any leather Jimmy Choos, regular polish treatment is recommended to create a barrier against stains. Wipe off any excess with a clean cloth and apply shoe polish with a horsehair brush. The process can be time-consuming, but your shoes deserve the best care.

If all this fails, we can help! Simply send us photos of your heels for us to evaluate and let ShoeSpa work its magic with our Jimmy Choo heel repair and restoration services.