Gucci trainer restoration and care

Shoe Spa London

Quality shoes are an investment for your wardrobe and should remain a staple item of clothing for years to come. While it’s important to take care of your designer trainers with regular maintenance, gradual wear and tear is inevitable. However, when your Gucci trainers start to look a little rough around the edges, there’s no need to throw them away; Shoe Spa London specialise in designer shoe restoration and luxury shoe cleaning services. After getting your designer trainers restored, you’ll fall back in love with your treasured shoes.


Professional finish

Designer shoe repair requires a certain level of expertise that not everyone possesses. Your high-end trainers are safe in the hands of our skilled team who have an eye for the finer details; no colour or stitch will be out of place when you try out our luxury shoe repair services. Sneaker restoration is our passion and we use state of the art technology for a professional end result that you won’t receive anywhere else.


Cleaned to perfection

Professional shoe cleaning is an intricate job that requires great patience, as well as quality shoe cleaning products. You might think that even luxury shoe cleaning services won’t be able to save your designer trainers, but this is far from the truth; all they really need is an expert touch. Our sneaker cleaning service is one of the best on the market and our team will thoroughly and carefully cleanse your shoes, inside and out, until they look as good as new.


Fast results

Gucci shoe repair shouldn’t be a hassle; We aim to make shoe restoration as easy and relaxing for you as possible, which is why you can send us your luxury shoes in the post instead of making the journey yourself. Our team know everything about Gucci trainer restoration and are able to deliver exceptional results and the highest quality service so that you can be reunited with the shoes that you love.