What Are Your Store Address And Opening Hours

Shoe Spa, 80 Caledonian Road, N1 9DN, London
Monday – Friday from 11 am to 7 pm

How Can I Proceed With The Order?

You can either visit our store or send your items to us. Please include all your address, contact details and the service required in the parcel, as well as the indicative current value of your items (for insurance purposes).

How Long Does It Take?

The standard service time is around 4+ weeks as we are focused on quality and not on speed and generally we experience a high demand for our service. In some cases, we may offer a priority 1 week service for cleaning and other less advanced services. On the other hand, complex restoration and dyeing services may take more than 6-8 weeks in some cases.

How Much Will It Cost?

Our pricing depends on the amount of work required and the materials we use. Item condition, size, type, materials and specific requirements all impact the final price. Shoe cleaning services are £89-139 and handbag cleaning services are £129-£179 on average and restoration services around £149 (shoes) and £199 (bags) or more.
Upon detailed inspection of each item we confirm the service specifics and pricing. At that point you can accept or reject the offer and in the later case we will send your item back to you.

How Quickly Will You Answer?

We respond to most emails within 2 hours during our office hours and within 12 hours hour outside our working hours. If you haven’t heard from us within 24 hours, it most likely means our message went to your spam folder. Kindly please check and in case it’s not there please contact us again.

What If My Items Are Lost or Damaged?

All orders are insured against any possible damage, loss or theft. We also offer additional insurance from UPS for up to £5,000 coverage. Additionally, all items shipped via couriers are tracked and all items reaching our store are photographed and documented.

What Warranty Do You Offer?

We offer a standard 3-month warranty on our services, subject to normal use and other external factors, such us new damage.

How Do I Order The Collection?

– Kindly please advise (via email) the address, date, your phone number, and a 5-hour time slot when the courier can come and pick the parcel up (Mon – Fri 9am – 6pm)
– In case of a business address, kindly please add the company name and detailed instructions for the courier how to locate the parcel
– Please add your details inside and our company details on top, just in case (Shoe Spa / Bag Spa, 80 Caledonian Road, N1 9DN, London)
– Please let us know the indicative current value of your items (for insurance purposes)
– We offer a standard insurance £15 (£100 coverage). If you would like additional insurance with £5,000 coverage (provided by DPD) the cost is £9 each way (for collection and for return delivery), hence £19 combined.

How Do I Package Items For Collection?

Please pack your items safely so that they are well protected against any accidental damage. It may be a good idea to use bubble wrap or other protective cover and subsequently placing and item inside a box or bag and wrapping it with an adhesive tape for additional protection. Please also follow any guides regarding international shipments.

How Much Is The Collection/Return?

We cover the collection and return costs for all orders for England, Wales and most parts of Scotland. For all other territories and for other countries the collection may not be possible, but we can still send your items back to you via UPS, also internationally. We can provide specific quotes upon request.

How Does The Payment Work

We accept cards and cash in our store. For remote payments, we use bank transfers. Please note you are only asked for payments once your items reach our store and we confirm the service details and pricing with you. In the rare event we are not able to provide the agreed work, we will refund your payment. Once we receive your items we review them and provide you with our services confirmation and an order number.
You can pay remotely using the following bank details. Please use your order number as a payment reference:
Company name: Shoe & Bag Spa Ltd (or as many characters as the banking system allows)
Account: 88105093
Sort code: 60-83-71

Please note we ask for the payment upfront, as this way our services are being insured. We currently accept cards and cash in-store only.

Do You Restore Patent Leather?

We can restore patent leather, however, there are some limitations to this service. We can advise more precisely on case by case basis.

Do You Restore Suede?

We clean, restore and brush suede. The process is usually accompanied by colour revive in order to bring your item close to the original look.

Do You Restore Exotic Leather?

Yes, we can restore all types of leather. However, the exotic type of leather usually requires more work and hence the service price may be a bit higher than for natural grain leather.