Why designer shoe restoration is what every shoe deserves

Nothing quite beats the feeling of slipping into an exquisite pair of luxury heels. Each carefully selected pair is made with fine, unique detailing that makes every outfit feel undeniably special. The difference in how we look and feel cannot be underestimated, which is why giving our designer heels care and attention is of utmost […]

Why professional shoe restoration is a service worth investing in

We all have shoes we love to wear, whether it’s because we spent our first pay packet on them, because they are so comfortable, or because they just make us feel good. Chances are, that favourite pair of shoes have become victims of their own success and are now looking well past their sell-by date. […]

Why you need a professional trainer cleaning service

If you own Gucci trainers or Balenciaga trainers, keeping them in immaculate condition is clearly a priority. Whereas cheaper trainers can often withstand the washing machine if they need freshening up, to get the best results for high-end footwear, a professional trainer cleaning service is essential. If you’ve got a grubby pair of branded trainers, […]