Bring your shoes back to life in time for summer

With summer around the corner, it’s time to get your old designer shoes out from the back of the wardrobe. They could be the perfect statement shoes for your summer looks, with just a little bit of expert TLC.


Professional shoe cleaning and repair involves various techniques, from heel repair, protective coatings and extensive cleaning to scratch repair, stain removal and refashioning. So, there really is no limit to the possibilities of your old shoes becoming your new favourites.


ShoeSPA London are experts in luxury shoe repair and provide an extremely easy and straightforward service. The concept is simple; just send some photos first for an assessment, and then send your shoes on to us so we can work our magic. Once finished, they are posted back to you. Here are a couple of ideas for how you can give your shoes a new lease of life for summer:


Change the colour

Even if your shoes are black and you fancy turning them red, anything is possible. Whether it’s sneaker restoration you’re after or Balenciaga shoe repair, the team at ShoeSPA London are experienced in handling a range of different types of shoes.


Have a custom design added

From having flowers added to your old trainers or a snakeskin print added to your Gucci heels, the sky’s the limit. You can completely transform your old, tired shoes to make them look brand new again – and with a whole new look just in time for summer.


Just give us a bespoke design that you have in mind and we can take it and make it a reality for you. Everyone will be asking where you got your new heels or sneakers!


Have them professionally cleaned

A simple but effective technique to makeover your shoes is just to have them cleaned. However, we are talking about professional and expert shoe cleaning services, which will give your footwear a total overhaul. It’s no exaggeration to say you will not recognise your old shoes once they’ve been looked at by our team.


Have them fixed 

Sometimes we are almost on the verge of throwing our shoes away because we think they are beyond repair, or it will be too much hassle. But thanks to the service provided by ShoeSPA London, it couldn’t be easier – you just pop them in the post and they are sent back to you in top condition.


Whether they need re-heeling, patching up or fixing, there are plenty of options available for designer shoe repair this summer.