Alexander McQueen shoe reparation and restoration

There are two reasons why Alexander McQueens can be found in art galleries as well as cosy boutiques.


First, they possess a style and beauty that lasts. This is, in part, because each design has practicality. More recently known for its over-sized trainer, the late designer’s fashion house brings together the chunky aesthetic that is so current with something every fashionista dreams of comfort. They don’t have the comfort trade-off of other fashion must-haves like the minimal sneaker or neomodern heel.


The second reason is that, compared to other names, they hold their value beautifully. Take a look at any auction. Rarely do McQueens, provided they are in good condition, sell for much less than what they went for at first release. This is why too many cobblers are scared to take on such luxury repair work.


They see the name and panic. It’s not possible! It can’t be done! Just buy new ones! It’s a shame because customers who buy the finest shoes want the finest repairs. They want to maintain their beauty and investment. Fortunately, there are companies out there who have the dedication and skill to carry out luxury shoe repair and high-end professional cleaning. Companies, for example, like ShoeSpa.


Shoes prefer to start where others say “it’s not possible”, thanks to our work with industry professionals, state of the art technology, and an attitude towards shoe and sneaker restoration that goes beyond ordinary shoe repair. All the customer needs to do is send a picture of their shoes to ShoeSpa for assessment, send them off for repair, and let our in-house craftspeople work their magic. Our speciality with luxury, vintage, and designer items also means that everyday shoes are a cinch.


After all, the customer discerning enough to wear McQueens deserves true expertise of care.